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          Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. was built in 1959, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry under the comprehensive research institutions, one of the focal points of the national machinery industry technology. Transformed into state-owned science and technology enterprises to enter the China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. in 1999, is the focus of one of the research institutes of the restructuring of the State Council, the first batch of 242, was renamed in July 2002 Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, restructuring in September 2011 changed its name to Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Company Limited. Is one of the first batch of 91 national innovative enterprises, the three the military confidentiality eligible units patent pilot enterprises in Guangdong Province, the national machinery industry civilized units, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the information technology pilot enterprises, the national human resources and social security Ministry approved the establishment of a post-doctoral research station, "wide research" trademark was awarded the title of famous trademarks of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City.

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          Address:Guangzhou City Huangpu District maogang, Road No. 828 Zip Code:510700 Tel:+86(0)20-32389823

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